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ServiceKranTechnika CJSC supplies to the Russian market a new POWER CURBER 5700-C concrete curbing machine. POWER CURBERS, an American company, is the world leader on manufacturing of concrete-distributing equipment.

Power Curber concrete curbing machine shows maximum efficiency with minimum participation of the man power. It allows carrying out the depositing of solid-cast curbs by the method of extrusion, without using expensive and bulky forms. The concrete mixture is fed into the hopper of the concrete curbing machine and then goes to a specially designed form where, under the action of vibrators, gets contracted into a structurally perfect curb.

Continuously formed, firmly distributed high-density curb requires the minimum of manual finishing in places where access roads join and catch-frames of sewage intake basins are located, as well as in forming expansion joints. Curb depositing with the method of extrusion on a finished road surface relieves from the necessity to care of the curb pitch. The alignment of the curb depositing line is made with the help of marking-out string. What is left after the concrete curbing machine is the new border – complete, stable and ready to hardening.
During the first month of work of the concrete curbing machine, more than 2 km of 1200-1350 mm high curb was deposited.